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Hendrickson Clinic

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(510) 524-8256
388 Colusa Ave
Kensington, CA 94707


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The healing power of human hands cannot be underestimated. At the Hendrickson Clinic, we have developed an advanced system of orthopedic therapy which is called the Hendrickson Method®. It is an advanced system that brings together a dynamic combination of techniques: massage, mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education, synthesized with Eastern energy practices. Clients receive a gentle session that provides pain relief and functional rehabilitation. Precise and extremely effective, the Hendrickson Method is suitable therapy for most orthopedic conditions including low back pain, whiplash and rotator cuff injuries. With long-term benefits far beyond what is possible with massage, this exceptional system of functional rehabilitation uses techniques that stimulate the synthesis of new cells, rehydrate cartilage, and realign soft tissue. At the core of the Hendrickson Method is a one-of-a-kind stroke called wave mobilization®, so named because its gentle rocking motion mimics ocean waves.

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(510) 524-8256


Orthopedic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Eastern Energy Practices, Wave Mobilization, Chiropractic Care, Orthopedic Massage, Nutrition Counseling, Pilates-Based Rehabilitation


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A 56 y.o. woman with a history of hip problems and a more recent nerve disorder, all affecting my mobility, I have sought health partners in my recovery of fuller function of my legs and feet. In Tom Hendrickson I have found just such a partner. Patient and persistent, with enthusiasm, creativity and skill, he targets areas to release and coaxes nerves to respond. I am encouraged by slow progress, and hopeful for more as he bears with me to hold possible my ultimate health goals.


The Hendrickson Clinic has been taking care of my family for more than 5 years. We've been helped with injuries from everyday activities, to ones sustained while training for a marathon. Our kids get treated too! The doctors at the Clinic, Tom Hendrickson, Michelle Scatina, and Shin Aoki, are all excellent diagnosticians and incredibly friendly people! They're chiropractors, but they also use the Hendrickson Method® of Orthopedic Massage in all their treatments to work with your muscles, not just your bones. (You don't have to get an adjustment if you don't want one, just talk to them about it...they're so approachable!) You can read more about the technique at www.hendricksonmethod.com. They also have a large staff of well-trained and experienced massage therapists who use the same technique. If you're in pain, any kind of pain, give them a call! I bet they can help.

happily healed

Years ago when my husband had persistent knee pain and had been told by different physicians 1) that he had to lose weight in order to lose the pain, and 2) that he was just going to have to live with it, it was part of aging (he was in his early 40's!), the Hendrickson Clinic came to the rescue and miraculously cured him of his pain in a single session. I had kept this in mind, if I were ever in a similar situation, which took a while--for most of my life I have been nearly pain-free. But then I got a hip pain that would not go away. The exercises my primary care doctor prescribed did not help. Then my back started to go too. When I first told Shin the story about how it started and where the pain was, he responded that it was a confusing story (which it was), and I was afraid that I was not going to get the miracle cure my husband had gotten. But once he started working on my body, finding the tight spots and the sensitive ones, he found the sources of the trouble and was able to start me on the road to recovery. I left feeling much less pain and lots more hope. It took me a few more visits to fully recover, but each time I was more and more impressed with Shin's knowledge and abilities. He used massage and isometrics first, loosening up the muscles, so that the small adjustments he did at the end were hardly noticeable. Each time I felt better and better, and gradually I was able to add new exercises and stretches. Shin was extremely helpful with this too--helping me to understand which exercises and stretches would be beneficial and which would not--and WHY. So, in addition to being "cured," I've learned a tremendous amount about how to prevent injuries and keep myself in good shape. To me this is the ultimate in healing--the healer striving to make him or herself superfluous. But it is such an honor and pleasure to be treated with such fine attention, care and skill, that I am sad not to need to return!

cole s.

I am a young adult at the age of 27. I suffered from a fractured coccyx. I went seven months with severe pain, going to countless doctors, physical therapists, massuses and acupuncturists with no relief or positive results. My life seamed to revolve around my injury. Driving in my car was unbearable. And the pain was there constantly, even without movement My prayers were answered when I started treatment at the Hendrickson Clinic. I started feeling immediate results after my first session with Shin. I was lucky enough to be treated by both Shin and Tom and with their help I am now able to excersise and sit comfortably. I was also given helpful stretches and tecniques to aid in my recovery. The staff is very friendly and the environment is relaxing. The other thing I really enjoyed was all of the health handouts available. After reading several of Toms' handouts I have changed my diet and overall health mentality and vitality. I feel blessed to have found a place that really can help!!!! I highly recommend the Hendrickson Clinic if you are in any type of pain. It might just change your life!

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"Friendly as soon as you enter. The BIGGEST SMILE and very knowledgeable. I would refer her..."

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